Zahlco Construction and Design is a mid-size, full service construction company based in the G.T.A. We have combined residential and commercial renovation,  – creating the ultimate service provider for your property.

What we offer at Zahlco Construction differentiates us from the competition. The industry norm is to focus on the actual renovation itself, whereas our focus is on the individual needs of each client, to ensure the most pleasant and personal experience possible. Most companies have talented tradesmen, and most will produce similar work. The accessibility to our team is a quality seldom found in the industry. The Zahlco experience is the driving force behind our quality work and customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to working with YOU, and our penchant for being accountable for our work, has helped us forge a reputation as a general contractor that relentlessly pursues quality in every detail.

Our goal for our clients is make their renovation a relaxing, stress free process – by being your reliable contractor.


Meet Our Fearless Leader

Aaron Zahler


They say that the first five years of someone’s life are a the most important years of development. Aaron grew up in Toronto in and around the construction business. While other kids were playing baseball in the backyard, he would be discussing with his father how to raise the ceiling in a client’s home. Construction to Aaron is not a job, it is a passion, and has been his since he was a child. It is much more than something he is an expert in, it’s what he knows.

With a combination of established class and contemporary innovation Aaron has driven Zahlco to the forefront of quality renovation in Toronto. Since the birth of Zahlco in 2009, the company’s work has emanated the sound craftsmanship and profound customer relations that are a part of the Zahler name.