Project Details

Location: North York

Surface Area: 10,000 ft²

Year Completed: 2016

Value: $500,000

Architect/Designer: Noam Hazan Design Studio

Project Description

The Boat Shul, One of the most popular hubs for the orthodox Jewish community in Toronto. The 50 year old building from 1965, has continuously benefited many individuals and charities over the years in the area. The building had not been updated since the 80’s and was well overdue for a full makeover. Working on this project allowed us to really help out the community. People have ever since been thankful for their new place of worship and this has been a project we are proud of!

Challenges We Overcame

  • Constant flow of people
  • Working throughout the night
  • Parking spots
  • Very tight timeline
  • Religious artifacts
  • Unexpected Structural Issues
  • Major Electrical Issues